11 Facts Every Facebook User Must Know

11 Facts Every Facebook User Must Know

Facebook has covered the entire world like a cobweb over our heads.

Here are 11 things about Facebook that you need to know:

1. 400 Million Global Users, and still counting

Facebook announced recently that they had passed 400 million members, making Facebook the third-largest country in the world, if it was a country. (That is the second biggest number of enrolments after joining the UN army.)

2. 100 Million U.S. Users

Sure, Facebook is strong around-the-world (Canada has the highest penetration rate), but nearly 1/3 of all Face bookers are here in the U.S. You may have heard of a TV show called American Idol. On a good night, it averages 20 million viewers. Facebook has 100 million American members.

3. The Average Time Spent By A Facebook User is Close To 55 min Per Day

Nearly one hour per day, per user. That’s a lot of Facebook time. You must be wondering how you can possibly utilize this amount of time grabbing the attention of your viewers. This data is based on Facebook’s own published stats, covered by Inside Facebook.

4. Nearly 80,000 sites using Facebook Connect

However, the question still persists. Will it continue to grow and add friends at this pace? The answer depends on the ways the users view their connections. 130 friends almost bump up against Dunbar’s Number of 150 – the theoretical maximum number of actual friend relationships you can sustain, according to British scientist Robin Dunbar. If the people prefer rationality and continue to revolve around it that is actually possessed in three different dimensions. First, familiar faces who are known to people, second, lesser known people or acquaintances and finally strangers. In case Facebook decides to tie all three dimensions of people together similar to twitter the average number of friends will drastically rise.

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5. Us of Facebook Fan Box

Perhaps the least powerful, but most prevalent flavour of Facebook Connect is Facebook Fan Box, a simple tool for enabling your Web site visitors, YouTube video watchers, or email newsletter visitors follow you without having to enter Facebook.

6. Any average Facebook user has nothing less than 130 friends.

Facebook works on a initiative that is connect. It has a far reaching impact. Majority of people have been seen travelling the online world instead of paying a visit to their near and dear ones. They are present online almost 12 hours a day and give advices and comments on almost everything. All of this has converted Facebook into a central hub of the web and social media. They have surpassed even Google connect.

7. 4 Pages per Month is the average Facebook user fans

If you desire to have a large number of followers on Facebook you need to recalibrate expectations considering the number of brands, organizations and causes comes into a user’s contact on daily basis. A clear cause should be created by you as a strategy on why people should include themselves in your list of followers. The Facebook fan page should also be actively promoted.

8. Merely 4% pages have fans exceeding 10,000

As per statistics out of 600,000 Facebook fan pages only 4% of pages have 10,000 or more fans – and only .76% have 100,000 or more.

9. You don’t become popular through wall posts

The study also found very little correlation between how frequently the Facebook page admin posted to the wall, and total number of fans.

10. News Feed As Per Requirement

Face book’s recent move to an algorithm-driven news feed means that just because someone is your fan, does not mean they will see your wall posts or status updates (true for both individuals, and brands). Facebook selects content based on your interactions and likes of your friends to be put on the news feed.

It makes it easier for people to strike a conversation with their viewers by posting content that interests viewer’s attention. The Facebook analytics score helps you get insights on post engagement. To understand what posts are being liked by your audience and what suites best for your brand people should keep an eye on the analytics score board.

11. Real Time Search Results are a Game Changer

Most of the content available on Facebook is public. i.e, it can be viewed by masses. However Facebook has an option to share posts privately through the privacy settings. The data collected is being incorporated by Google and Bing in real-time.

This has tremendous implications for search engine optimization and reputation management, since a negative status update about your brand might now show up on the first page of Google search results for your company name (at least temporarily).

Even though Facebook does not have an ideal environment for all kinds of initiatives related to social media the mass participation gives you a platform that is bigger than other social media platforms and lures you to participate.

Conversely, some brands are putting an awful lot of eggs in the Facebook basket, which is perhaps justifiable based on the facts above. However, I’m not keen on building the centrepiece of my social media strategy on what amounts to rented land.

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