Tech support

Customer is delighted when he is able to get the max value out of his purchase. It could be frustrating if he is not able to use it well. It could be a Smart Phone, Laptop, AC, Refrigerator or any other household product. Good tech support 24×7 enhances the brand value and customer’s delight.
Our qualified and skilled technical support outsourcing engineers are well–equipped to provide industry-leading support for all tiers of technical problem resolution. Our call center based voice and non-voice technical support outsourcing services cover the gamut of technical support needs ranging from simple phone calls to questions related to process engineering.
In a complex marketplace like India, a counter sales person becomes crucial in making a sale to a literate/illiterate customer. It’s crucial to educate that sales person/Trade partner about the major selling points/USP/features of a product. Provide him support in all technical aspects in the language he understands.

At Persuaders, we provide customized solutions to support your customers/business associates, through trained tele- callers, 24×7 with multilingual support.