Why is Instagram considered to be the best platform for growing followers?

“Conveying thoughts through visuals and Captions”

The Question persists why choose Instagram over so many other digital media platforms? And the answer is simple It’s visual, simple and it’s attracting the younger generations more than other social media platforms.

Instagram can be utilized to promote the values and mission of a business. It can also be used to promote products and services and capture leads.  It is a strong yet very powerful social media.

We managed their social media channels and promote audience growth.

Photos Sharing through Instagram

Let’s start with visuals. Instagram obviously emphasizes photos more than any other social media platform. With Facebook there are posts and comments and articles and clutter that might allow followers to skip over a simple photo. Instagram on the other hand gives a clean platform to their users to share compelling photos promoting brands with sharp and proactive imagery.

So, if a photo can say 1,000 words what more do you need? Photos may be able to tell the whole story but captions are just as important. But  only posting photos don’t work in the long run. The focus should be on driving your audience to your website or links you want them to see.  And what can be better than interesting captions that would   lure them to take a peek at your services through interesting captions.  If you just post a photo, people may not understand how you want them to engage with your brand or what action you want them to take.

Start with a hook to capture your follower’s attention and end with a call to action. This can be as simple as getting them to answer a question in the form of a comment or a like. You need to be writing captions that drive people to engage or take action.

Instagram operates on a mobile platform

Instagram operates on mobile platform

This may seem like a con to some business owners but the way people are shopping has changed since the advent of the Smartphone. Let me tell you an interesting fact. You would be surprised to know that almost 80% of your target audience are searching for products and services on mobiles rather than computers, televisions, or other mediums.

 It’s quick and convenient because smartphones are small and compact and most people have one with them 24/7. If you want your business to be successful, you will need to stay up with the trends.

Instagram helps you reach your audience on Facebook

Even though Instagram and Facebook are two different platforms it is linked to Facebook. So users can reach out to their target audience through Facebook.

If you run an ad on Facebook you can also run it on Instagram. Linking your accounts is beneficial because it can save you a ton of time and help keep your social accounts consistent.

Advertising on Instagram

Why use Instagram you ask? One word: Advertising. If you are not utilizing Instagram (or Facebook for that matter) to advertise on social media, then you are missing out on a huge revenue!

If you want to reach people that do not follow you and strengthen your social media presence, you need to create advertisements.

You can run regular targeted ads or you can retarget customers.

Retargeting ads are beneficial because they help capture customers who may have been shopping on your site and abandoned their cart. And since Facebook and Instagram work together you can retarget people on both platforms!

Utilizing Instagram stories and highlights

Instagram stories are the perfect way for your business to show your work behind the scenes. Give people a sneak peek at new products or take some risks. People love to see the inner workings of a business. So you can use your Instagram story to give followers a behind the scenes look!

If you are unsure if you want to post about something or try new marketing tactics, use your Instagram story as a test run. Maybe you don’t know how a behind the scenes tour of your business will be received. Try a story and then check to see the engagement! You can even create a poll for people to vote in.

Have a favourite Instagram story? Save it and turn it into a highlight that never leaves your profile. Highlights can be used to show customers processes, answer frequently asked questions and more! The best part is that it won’t disappear after 24 hours like Instagram stories do. You decide when highlights come and go.

Milk Bar uses highlights to show fans a variety of their favourite stories. They also make sure to have engaging icons set for each highlight.

Instagram for Business

When you sign up for Instagram there is a personal Instagram profile option and then there’s Instagram for business option.

There are over 25 million business profiles on Instagram right now. This is proof that in order to be competitive in your market, you should have an Instagram profile for your business. A personal Instagram is just that. It’s a page that you can use for yourself.

A business profile however gives you access to analytics which means you can see stats and demographics on followers and likes. This can help you to understand who your target audience is and what they like. In a business account you can pay to promote your posts that is not possible in a personal account.

Another profile feature that you can add to your page is a verification badge which is the blue check mark that appears by some brand’s usernames on their profiles. These verification badges prove the authenticity of the profile to their target audience. Whether it is a business or a public figure;

If you are a business that does not yet have a coveted verification badge, go apply for one!

Creating a content strategy

When you use Instagram for your business you will need to create a strategy. A content calendar can help keep you organized and help you lay out your content so that it benefits your business as well as your customers. Before you get started you will need to determine how many times per week you want to post.

Every business is different, so if you can’t decide how frequently you should be posting, let our social media marketing professionals at Persuaders marketing help you out! You can also do some testing to see which type of posts have the most engagement.

Don’t know where to begin? Create a profitable Instagram advertising campaign that drives sales with us how to guide!

We will help utilize social media to drive brand awareness and sales!

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